Oversized Loads

We Don’t Take Your Cargo Lightly


What is an oversized load?

An oversized  (or overweight) load is a shipment that is beyond the standard size or weight that is legally permitted to be on the road. These type of loads are tricky and unwieldy.

At STS, we specialize in oversized loads. When you’re transporting huge shipments, you cannot afford mistakes.  A shipment that is hundreds of thousands of pounds needs to be transported with care. We take pride in the fact that our team is composed of  quick-thinking project managers  and road-ready drivers. We’re confident that we can get the job done because we’ve done it time and time again.

We consult with you to uncover the exact height, length, and weight specifications. The pickup and delivery locations are determined. We find the best route that can accommodate the size and weight of your shipment.


Securing state permits

Before we put our wheels to the road, we need to secure state permits. The permits are needed for shipments that exceed normal height, length and weight standards. Securing the legal permits is something of a challenge, but we make it hassle-free for our customers. This is a crucial step in the beginning stages of our job.

Getting your shipment delivered

Our drivers know a thing or two about getting a shipment delivered safely and punctually. Once we’ve determined the best route, secured all legal permits, and have scheduled pick up and drop off times, the delivery of your shipment will begin. Safe transportation is our utmost concern, and our drivers have ample experience in ensuring a smooth and timely delivery.

boat0928Whether we’re hauling oversized railroad equipment through a thickly populated city area, or we’re traversing cross country in the face of intimidating weather, we know how to get the job completed successfully.

Don’t Leave the Success of Your Oversized Load Shipment to Chance!