Railbound Services

Our railcar trailers are the perfect solution for transporting railbound equipment.

Our trailers are built specifically to load and unload railroad equipment like rail cars, tampers, ballast regulators and tie cranes.

What Is a Railcar Trailer?

Traditionally, moving this sort of equipment is a labor intensive and costly process. Large cranes are often employed to load this type of cargo, which can be unnecessarily complicated to maneuver, brutal to your bottom line, and dangerous for the cargo itself. Our railcar trailers offer the better alternative.

To transport this type of cargo, special equipment is utilized. Purpose-built ramps are attached to the trailer. The ramps are angled so that the railcars/equipment can be easily loaded and unloaded in a roll on/roll off manner. Once the cargo is loaded and secure, the trailer can transport the cargo. This is far easier than using a large crane to load the equipment.

Our specialized trailers are designed to safely and economically deliver the cargo to its destination.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose STS, you’ll work with a professional company that is  knowledgeable and passionate about moving awkward, over-dimensional cargo. For decades, we’ve been successfully meeting customer needs with the combination of our smooth coordination skills, safe driving practices, commitment to deadlines, and economical shipping options. All of this makes us the perfect choice to transport your cargo.