Transport Your Superload in a Safe and Timely Manner

Hauling wide and heavy loads across the country is no easy feat. This is especially true for Superloads. Superloads  are loads that exceed a state’s routine permit limits (in height, length, width, or weight). It’s not an overstatement to say that Superloads are the Major League of heavy haulage. When the challenge is so tremendous, you need a professional trucking company to get the job done.

What Is a Superload?

Like oversized hauls, a superload is over-dimensional. However, a superload will surpass an oversized load in either height, width, length or weight. A superload can’t be broken down or divided to reduce its size. A superload is usually pieces of extremely heavy and large equipment. When you think of superloads, imagine transporting equipment like cranes, vessels, structures, etc.

Different states will define a superload differently. For example, in Massachusetts, a superload is 130,000 lbs, but in Pennsylvania, cargo that exceeds 201,000 lbs. is considered as a superload.

How Does a Superload Get Delivered?

Securing the right legal permits is crucial. Securing permits for superloads is a longer process than it is for smaller loads. In addition to this, states may require a route survey and/or a bridge analysis. A route survey is pertinent data on an intended route; a bridge analysis is a mathematical formula to determine the max gross weight that can be hauled on any vehicle with multiple axle configurations.

There are a great deal of additional considerations to account for when hauling a superload.  When applying for permits, states will request information on:

  • Tire Size
  • Tires per Axle
  • Axle Loading and Spacing

States will often require the use of certified pilot and escort vehicle operators to guide the superload to its destination. Our pilot car operators have experience with the appropriate legal procedures. Our aim is to ensure that no damage is inflicted upon the load, motorists, highways, road signs, or other objects encountered while en route.

When the cargo is extremely over-dimensional, states may even require a police escort. This is to ensure maximum safety.

Why STS Is the Best Superload Trucking Company in Minnesota

We don’t shy away from big challenges. Superloads are demanding and complex. There are constantly diverse obstacles and restrictions thrown your way. You need a company that can confidently navigate this in a safe and timely manner. Contact us today to learn how we can successfully deliver your cargo.